How my art journey started?

Ever since childhood days, when I used to roam around & explore the beautiful countryside, my passion for painting had become very strong right from those days. As a teenager I started capturing right into my soul the beauty of trees, plants, texture of water soaked soils and all the blissful moments I had with nature, that eventually, it all seem to reflect in my artworks as if the flow I got while painting landscapes were coming right from my heart.

My story

I am a freelance artist based in India. My passion for painting originated since childhood especially in landscapes. Being a nature lover, I take inspiration from natural surroundings, combines my own imagination and express them on paper.

I grew up as an enthusiastic kid exploring the world around me to the extent that all the adventurous memories were getting stored and stored deep in my heart. Nostalgically, my first introduction to painting was when I drew a landscape on a slate with chalk sitting by a riverside at the age of around 11, watching the beauty of flowing river and trees around. I showed my painting to my friends, classmates and my favorite teacher the other day and the way they all appreciated 'wow' that was the fine moment that sparked and intensified my interest to continue painting. Also my classmates would run around the whole school to show my new slate paintings daily, it made me so cheerful everyday that I didn't broke its regularity. I would just anyhow spare my time to paint on those back side of slates with school homework on the front. 

With spending more and more time among trees, rivers & forest, even the scent of soil, the beautiful chirping sounds of birds & the essence of wind made me feel so deeply connected to nature that I had great desire to start writing poems but due to lack of literary words, vocabulary & interest in learning those things I started expressing my feelings through paintings.

As I continued to make paintings on slate and on paper with poster colors , I had to face lots of challenges, the one being not getting any influence related to art, no teacher and no fellow friends who had interest in painting. This made me frustrated as I wanted to improve a lot. Later in my higher secondary years I met a friend 'Ebai Tomba' who was from another town, he introduced me to a painting teacher who was also from a faraway town, his name was "Oja Phunildro", he appreciated my works and taught me to deal with different mediums that were initially unknown to me. He was more than a teacher to me, he encouraged me and guided my parents to let me pursue my career in art, because my family members were unaware how much valuable it is to have a talent in art. My parents also started supporting and helping me after they were convinced.

I went to Visva Bharati University (Santiniketan, West Bengal) for my bachelor's and master's degree in fine arts. In my college life I also met a wonderful person, a friend named 'Dada Angoubi' who was also a senior artist from a different art college, he helped me a lot in uncountable ways in making me a professional artist. Right from the first year of my college I got awarded with scholarship, and this made me even more dedicated to my painting career. Then eventually I got collectors from different parts of the country and also received various awards. Now from the past few years, I have been dedicating myself to regularly publishing painting videos on social media platform to help people learn and explore my painting technique and style.